Educational Solutions

Online School Automation System

School or educational institutes are very difficult to manage if managed manually. The main reason being there are different groups of students, each class reports to one class teacher, and other subject teachers, now, accumulating teachers’ and parents' remarks and many more is really difficult to do especially when you have a huge student strength.

To simplify all these student, teacher, parents and staffs management with various fields to look into like, accounts, fees, celebrations, meetings, excursion, and others, we the ZEMUSI group has created the Online School Automation System.

Why You Need Online School Automation System?


Advances Productivity

It is very predictive that the sooner you reduce the time of operation your productivity by the rate of serving increases to a large scale. As we all know a common proverb, “time is money”.

Preserves Environmental Resources

Information carried through the paper is stored in the school automation system. It leads to keeping the natural resources protected and keeps a digital record of the data.

Access Globally

The automation software is web-based and can be accessed from any point of the globe, anytime. Record of everything can be administered due to its obvious accessibility. It also aids providing critical data.

Expand In Enrollment

Because of the frenetic schedule of the institutions and the tough verdict making arrangements, it becomes difficult to check in with the enrollment of the pupils. It is, thus needed to implement private software so that the load from several activities can be reduced. Student software or Online School Automation software lets the institutions focus on developing the pupils’ enrollment.

The increase of Clarity With Parents

The Cloud-Based software heads to the communication with the parents as well. Parents can keep their eyes on their wards every now and then and maintain a track of their signs of progress in the academic fields. This leads to the clarity between the wards and the parents.